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RSPB Birdwatch 2022

The RSPB Birdwatch was held again in Wharton Park Community Garden on 30th January during one hour on a mild and sunny morning.

Below is a list of the sightings in the garden and adjacent trees. Last year’s sightings are included for comparison.

1 Great Tit (last year 2)

3 Dunnocks (last year 1)

4 Robins (last year 2)

2 Coal Tits (last year 0)

2 Blue Tits (last year 3)

2 Magpies (last year 2)

3 Blackbirds (last year 2)

2 Long Tail Tits (last year 2)

6 Jackdaws (last year 2) 

5 Carrion Crows (last year 3)

1 Male Bullfinch (last year 0)

1 Black Headed Gull (last year 0)

2 Pigeons (last year 2)

0 Mistle Thrush (last year 1)

1 Wren (last year 0)

Total: 13 Species and 35 birds.

Here are our observations. The general trend is an increase in smaller birds which may have something to do with the milder winter this year. Visits from larger birds have increased on last year - potentially due to them learning new techniques to use the bird feeders in cold weather.