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Our Scarecrows

Scarecrows have long been a traditional figure in many fields and gardens. In fact, it is believed that the Egyptians used the first scarecrows in recorded history in order to protect their vast wheat fields along the River Nile from flocks of quail. Back then, their version was a simple wooden frame covered with nets which would trap the quails when farmers gave them a scare.

We are particularly proud of our own classic collection of scarecrows which change regularly throughout the year, always dressed in seasonal style.

In fact, our resident scarecrow has become much loved and admired amongst children and adults alike. Visitors are often drawn into the Community Garden once they catch sight of our scarecrow, always offering a warm welcome and somehow making everyone smile!

From the more traditional style scarecrow through to a Christmas Elf, an Easter Bunny, a Halloween Witch, a Sunflower and even our very own Jubilee Queen, we really do have an amazing calendar collection which we just couldn’t resist sharing with you. Enjoy our wonderful scarecrows!

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